Shamanic Sessions

What is a shamanic session? How is it going to help me? Why should I do it you might ask me. A shamanic session is a journey outside of space and time, that has an effect on you, on your ancestors, previous lifetimes, your past, your present and your future.

A shamanic session begins the moment you ask for it. Before you come to our appointment you need to think about these: Why do you want a session? What has happened? How has it affected you? What symptoms do you have? What problems do you face? What are the repeating patterns? If you have gone through a crisis, what aspect of your life was it about? Who else is involved in this story? Is it hereditary? When did you story start? What has happened before that?


Being a shaman takes me outside of time and space, the ordinary dimensions that you and everyone knows. For the paqos (shamans) of Peru there are 3 worlds: the Middle, the Under and the Upper.

In each one of these, there are solutions, gifts, treasures, transformations, and equipment you will have access to and take, in order to continue your life with a fresh look, lighter, and with a new life meaning. With a deeper understanding for all that has happened and all those who took part in it. When all these come together you will feel more wise, empowered and will experience a wider variety of feelings.

During the session...

During the session you will see me use: crystals, florida water, palo santo, sage, feathers, rattles, bells, stones, the map of the Under World and perform transition rites. During the session we will talk for some time and stay silent other times. The session is made up of 3 parts. The first part is the interview, a few words about what happened. The second part is the healing/ cleansing/ removing/ cutting/retreaving. In the third part, I will help you make a new mythic map. This is what you are called to explore over the next days to see where the session is going to take you.

Memories, beliefs, body issues, confusions, and addictions are some of the things that bring people to sessions. Coming out of my experience as a shamaness is that family and personal issues change a lot after sessions. When we start looking for a solution, we solve issues that might have appeared many many years ago, to people we have never even met. This is the magic of shamanism! When I start a session I affect my client’s destiny, people around me and humanity in general.


After the Session...

After the end of the session, you will have to do your personal work for 5 minutes every day for 2 weeks. The next session has to be done after 3 weeks. Coming full circle happens after 5-7 sessions, depending on the issues you want to work and how much you want to deepen and expand on them.

A session lasts approx. 1,5 hour. Have plenty of time available for you after the session. You will need to have 3 baths the next 3 days with Epsom salts to keep the detox going.

A session’s price is 80 euros per hour. During the session you will need to be in a private space and time where you can be quiet, relaxed and feel safe. We will meet on line in whatsapp, fb messenger, or zoom.
Payment must be done in advance through Paypal or bank transfer. Price is 120 euros per session for 1,5 hours. Contact me to discuss your issue and give you the details for payment

Disclaimer: FOTEINI KALLE bears no responsibility for the results and effects of the therapeutic sessions on the treated patients, nor for any direct, indirect or incidental consequences that may be caused to the treated patient, nor for any false statements coming from the treated patient that may lead to wrong therapeutic approach. The responsibility for the participation in the therapeutic sessions and for its results rests solely with the patient, who is alone responsible.

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