Chumpi Khuyas

A traditional, Paqo shaman session in the Andes is called Chumpi Khuya. Khuya is a talisman, a sacred object, a special stone. Chumpi means belt, to wrap. The Paqo shamans work with stones on the energetic field using stones, that represent the strength and power of Pachamama.

Chumpi khuyas are, beautifully hand-carved stones with special symbols, used to give a session. We begin the session with you setting a specific issue. Then I place every Chumpi in each one of your energy centers and that works in a subtle and soft way to bring healing and change to yourself and your energy.

The Paqo shamans, when they work, they call the Elements of Nature for guidance, support, protection and healing. They know that they have allies with a lot of powers and abilities.

During the session I work with the spirit of each Chumpi to clear all imprints found in your energy centers. I also remove any hootcha left. At the end, I wrap the healing around you, using the Chumpi khuyas, creating a Chumpi, a belt.


Before the Session...

This session is a one to one and for a personal issue. Before you come to our meeting, I want you to think about the issue you want the session to be about. You cannot include a third person (ancestors/parents, siblings, children). You can state your intention about: work issues, health issues, money issues, a continuous feeling, a dream/nightmare, or how you are feeling these days.

After the Session...

This will continue to do its work for the next 28 days. I will give you a small “to do” over the next days.
After this 4 week period, we talk to access where you are and how you are with your issue.
 If needed, one more session can be done after 5 weeks from the first time you received one, about your specific issue.

This treatment lasts approximately 1 hour. It can be done in person or online. We can work through a phone appointment or via an online platform (viber, whatsapp, zoom, fb messenger).

Duration 1 hour | Investment cost: €90

Disclaimer: FOTEINI KALLE bears no responsibility for the results and effects of the therapeutic sessions on the treated patients, nor for any direct, indirect or incidental consequences that may be caused to the treated patient, nor for any false statements coming from the treated patient that may lead to wrong therapeutic approach. The responsibility for the participation in the therapeutic sessions and for its results rests solely with the patient, who is alone responsible.

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