About me

Hello. My name is Fotini Kalle

I came across shamanism after experiencing a personal tragedy in 2006. As I was going through a personal transition, I came face to face with the first crisis in my life. I was overwhelmed by thoughts such as what would happened later and how am I going to make it. My life had turned upside down and everything had changed dramatically. Things that were going on in my life at that time were very intense.

After a while, shamanism became a stronger force in my life. It helped me overcome problems and obstacles, it gave me tools and ways to clarify my wishes, my priorities, to make my dreams come true, and gave meaning to my life beyond the ordinary and trivial.

Basically, it is my source of inspiration, the reason of existence, and part of my life’s mission. It has helped me shift obstacles that I come across, the excuses for not doing, and to face my fears and the traps.



My training in shamanism has started in 2012 when I received the Munay Ki initiations, in Thessaloniki. What drew me into shamanism is how long this tradition exists and the depth and width of healing that it offers, which is something that I have included in my sessions. Since 2012 I have continually been working with shamanism.

I completed the Medicine Wheel program in Athens and repeated twice in Ayia Paraskevi, Attica. I received the Nusta karpay in Voula and Ayia Paraskevi. I continue my training as a Paqo, in “The Paths” in Ayia Paraskevi. I have received Pachamama and Inti Taita initiations in Glyfada.


In 2021 I completed the Fours Winds shamanic practitioner program and got my certificate, a school founded by Alberto Villoldo. This training gave me solid foundations to offer my experience and services to a number of people throughout the world. All the way from New Zealand to Costa Rica and from Sweden to South Africa. This diversity has given me a variety of experiences that has helped me grow my own medicine, my personal healing style.

After almost 10 years in this tradition I have learned healing methods, tools and ways and I continue my training as a Paqo, the shamans of Peru.
I live in Glyfada since 1980 and I have the Healing Partners space for personal sessions. These days sessions are given on line or in person, through video call or over the phone.
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