Case Study | Get me a pair of glasses…

This lovely lady came to me for more healing after having received 5 – 6 sessions. The issue was addiction. It was a family issue. After the interview, I had the idea that his was probably coming from an ancestor, since other family members had similar issue.

After journeying in the Underworld, and passing by a variety of chambers the truth was revealed. The issue that remained to be healed, was one of her previous lifetimes. As a woman, she had the same issue. Different to what I had thought in the beginning of the session. The family issue was healed in another session. Usually an issue has many aspects that can be healed: this lifetime, previous lifetimes, ancestors, body dysfunctions, emotional issues, mental disabilities, spiritual issues, etc. The bigger the number of sessions, the greater the chances for huge transformation. Insisting on your healing, will set you free and release bigger amount of hucha (heavy energy) that is keeping you stuck in the same way of living. Releasing heavy energy from imprints and then erasing them from your energy field, will make room for new things to come, new experiences to live, and move you forward in your life in an easy and gentle way.

Don’t hesitate to ask for a number of healing sessions. The only thing that can happen, is you rediscovering yourself and seeing life through different eyes.

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