Case Study | Born with a deficiency…

This person came to me for a session having an issue that was carrying since birth. Something about the legs. It is not my job to be a doctor, so I am not looking for facts and x rays. I was wondering what that issue would be from the shamanic perspective. The person told me they have gone to see doctors, without something really changing.
I started the session and I did the clearing/cleaning in the middle world with crystals, feathers, florida water and the rest of my tools. Later, I journeyed to the Underworld to see what it was about. I stepped into chambers to give my client more healing: light, sound, ancestral healing, hucha mihuy, etc. In one of the chambers what came up was two pieces of stone plates that had an inscription about how the next life would be, unless the issue had been healed. Little did my client know about this! Maybe some tips were coming up from time to time. Not being able to see the big picture or the root of this issue, this person’s life would continue to be dramatic, restrictive, restraining and not having a fulfilling life. The way life has been appearing was rigid, stiff, not changing, not being easy to adjust (both physically and emotionally) in various aspects, like job, intimate relationships. This person’s determination to follow her intuition and seek for healing is going to bring wisdom, deeper understanding of how life unfolds. And most important: obstacles in life would be easily removed or disappear.

There is always a choice for you: How do you want to live your life, love, create, work, grow and evolve? How much do you want to suffer and stay stuck in your own, limiting perceptions of what life is about?

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